Wish Bracelets or Pop Tab Bracelets

Image of Wish Bracelets or Pop Tab Bracelets

$3.50 - On Sale

$4.00 for one bracelet

Comes with silver pop tabs, as well as a color of your choice for the string!

Email: Promisebracelets@gmail.com with the color string you want!

Do you have a wish that you want to come true? Well this is the bracelet for you!

What you do is you tie the wish bracelet onto your wrist, and make a wish. Rub your beads, every day, and as you do, think about that wish that you have made. Ancient legend has it, that when the bracelet wears off, your wish will come true!

The colors are as followed:

Multi-Color: Fortune, Resolutions, Unity
Blue: Love, Healing

Green: Hope, Healing, Money, Prosperity

Gold/Yellow: Fortune, Abundance

Pink: Love, Any Wish

Purple: Spirituality, Energy

Red: Lust, Passion, Health

White/Clear: Truth, Peace
Black: Letting go

Version 1 is very simple. It has 7 beads in the middle of the bracelet.
Version 2 has more beads, and they're spread out on the bracelet.

After buying it on here, please email us telling us what color you want, and what version (1 or 2)


Note: $4.00 for one wish bracelet bracelet.